Airport Industrial Park

Project Description

Conveniently located adjacent to the Honolulu International Airport, Hadley Property’s Airport Industrial Park is Honolulu’s premier multi-level mixed use facility, comprised of 1.5 million square feet. This property offers square footage for a broad spectrum of tenant uses – including Class A office space, telecom, data flex space, and both light and high cube warehousing. The facility’s large floor plates provide flexibility for its many tenants, ranging in size from 300 to 80,000+ square feet.

In furthering building efficiency and sustainability initiatives, the building and its tenants have also benefitted from the installation of multiple photovoltaic systems which generate over a megawatt of power. Fully owner developed and managed, with drive up access to all levels of the building, Airport Industrial Park represents both the company’s deep commitment to its projects and the expression of its innovative vision for development and design.


Honolulu, Hawaii